Gravity Plumbing Rates

The Gravity Plumbing Maintenance Rates are as follows :

(All prices excluding VAT)

Normal working hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.
After hours: All other hours and public holidays.

First hour and call out:   Normal hours R650.00  After hours R850.00
Every half hour thereafter:   Normal hours R230.00  After hours R420.00
NB:  Labour prices exclude the cost of materials.

Geysers (includes tray, vacuum breakers, TP saftey valve) Installed to SABS 10254 specification:

Replace 50lt geyser R6500
Replace 100lt geyser R6500
Replace 150lt geyser R7500
Replace 200lt geyser R9500
Replace 250lt geyser R14500

Extras on geyser if needed:

Required pressure control valve:  R1150.00
Required geyser tray overflow pipe:  R780.00


Supply and install pressure control valve:  R1350.00
Supply and install thermostat and TP saftey valve:  R1200.00
Geyser element change:  R1450.00


Clear drains with drain rods:  R980.00
Every hour thereafter:  R250.00

Clear drains with drain cleaning machine:  R950.00
Every hour thereafter:  R250.00